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    I am a Project Launcher, I combine technology, law and standards as well as carbon finance.

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    Without a Voluntary Carbon Market, i.e. without compensation, there is no carbon neutrality for economic players.

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    Project Development, this is the role I assume from its conception, its execution and until the sale of carbon credits.

The carbon market

Yesterday still embryonic, the Voluntary Carbon Market will assert itself as a rising force in the new economy in the same way as Fintech.
By monetizing the sequestration and reductions of greenhouse gases, it will allow companies and citizens to finance the fight against global warming.
This Market is necessary, without it there is no carbon offsetting and therefore no carbon neutrality.
The Voluntary Carbon Market is based on the development of so-called Verified Emission Reduction (VER) Projects
How to develop these projects, such is the purpose of my activity and the purpose of this site.


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